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Information about leagues:

Register by phone - Call 978-343-9664

You can join a league anytime, just give us a call.

E-mail us at If you want to know more about the leagues call us at: 978-343-9664. It isn't to late or early to start up a league. Just call or email us and we can still sign you up!

Decide which day is best for you and your schedule!

To help you decide which day.

Sunday: Mixed

Monday: Senior Men. Women's League

Tuesday: Senior Women and Men League

Wednesday: Senior women and mixed League

Thursday: Senior Men, Men's league, and Mixed league.

Friday: Mixed Leagues

Saturday: Youth(Kids)League

Just call or in the form ask the times. Also If interested you can start your own league. Just call (978) 343-9664 and we can set up a day and time with you.